A Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser
Shaina's Bat Mitzvah Project

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My name is Shaina and I am 12 years-old. I will be turning 13 in February and have started a fundraising project for my Bat Mitzvah to raise money for Breast Cancer Treatment Research. My mom had breast cancer 10 years ago, and she went through surgery and chemo when I  was only one year old. She was on some medication and had the genetic testing to help me and my sister know if we would maybe get it some day. She did not have the gene and tests showed it was gone.

Ten years later in August 2012, we found out she has it again - except it’s in other parts of her body now. They call it “Metastatic Breast Cancer”. She was really sick, but her doctors did some radiation and put her on Herceptin© and Xeloda© which has helped to reduce the cancer in her lungs and brain. She still has some cancer on her spine, but it is amazing how much the medicine and treatments have helped her. She’s feeling good, still playing in a band, and working her full-time job. So, I want to help those doctors and scientists find more treatments and maybe even a CURE to help people like my mom when cancer has spread. Maybe my mom and my aunts can be totally cured.

I am making and selling bracelets - Paracord Survival and Beaded ones. We’ve come a long way but we can go farther. Let’s FIGHT4PINKSAKE everyone and IMAGINE a world without CANCER!!


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